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Preforms Plus, Inc.
was founded in 2002 to answer the demand for manufacturing CUSTOM design PET Preforms and Bottles. PPI has rapidly become a premier PET manufacturing supplier. Our growing client list includes many of the most recognized food/beverage brands. PPI utilizes the services of DevTech Labs, Inc. for design and engineering services. Both companies are part of DevTech Holdings.

Preforms Plus, Inc. shares a facility with DevTech Labs, Inc. located in Amherst New Hampshire USA. Our facility is IMS and SQF certified for the highest sanitary standards in food contact packaging.

Preform and Plastic Bottle Manufacturing Headquaters

SQF 2000 Certified Level 2        information about bisphenol A  

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Preforms Plus, Inc.  12 Howe Drive  Amherst, NH 03031  USA
Telephone: 603.889.8311  Fax: 603.889.8221

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